Get to Know Sam

(a little better)
Here’s some more information about me that you may or may not care to know…


I’m a gamer. Not a very good one, but one that exists. I play Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and World of Warcraft. I also dabble in Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Elder Scrolls Online. I’m also super into Disney Dreamlight Valley right now, and as of August 2023 I’m playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

For the first three aforementioned games that I play here’s the rundown:

Dragon Age

Origins – Human noble, usually, rogue. Always go ranged. I’ve also played both human and elf mage, but I want to be Queen damn it. So, yes, Alistair–also my romance–is King in the end, and he has a God-baby with Morrigan. Side with the mages, and broker peace in the forest, but Orzammar is usually a toss up. Behlen is easier to support because I hate the Proving. Also ‘Skip the Fade’ mod forever. And fuck The Deep Roads.

DA2 – Rogue!FemHawke forever. Typically I’m melee, because it’s stupid easy in this game, but I also like archer rogue. I really like Mage!Hawke too so I can be my own healer (Anders is fucking USELESS (as a character AND a healer)). Male Hawke is also fun.  Fenris is always my romance, but I have dabbled with Isabela, and it’s super fun. Always side with the mages, and yes, I cheat to get everyone’s score up. Thank you, Dragon Age Wiki!

Inquisition – Ranged. Never melee. So I can go back and forth between a mage and an archer rogue, and I like both of them pretty equally. I play both female and male, usually elf or human, but I’ve played a Qunari saarebas (with the British voice option because the American options are god awful.) Female romance is generally Cullen, male is Cassandra. I’ve also romanced Bull twice, and Dorian once. One of these days I’ll get around to Josie. I’m not remotely interested in the others. Always side with the mages, always. Also Solas can go fuck himself.


Mass Effect

Vanguard, Earthborn, War Hero, Paragon, FemShep. (I’m boring, I know.) I’ve played the other three origins and psych profiles. I also attempted to play another spec once, and lmao never again. I’ve dabbled in Renegade and it’s fun, and I think overall I’m morally in between, but for most instances, I’m Paragoning it up over here. I’m also attempting a BroShep playthrough and…oh man it’s rough. (Send help.)

ME1 – Kaidan romance, and always save Kaidan on Virmire. Never Ashley. I’m as anti-Ashley as they come. Wrex will always survive now that I know what the hell I’m doing. And of course I recruit everybody, because why wouldn’t I? Save the Council. Uhh… what else is there? (During my BroShep run, I did not romance anybody.)

ME2 – Are there a ton of major choices in this game? I mean, I obviously complete everybody’s loyalty missions, and I keep them all alive. I guess Samara > Morinth is a choice, even when I was Renegade. I Paragon Zaeed into submission, which is always fun. I go back and forth between remaining faithful to Kaidan, or having a fling with Garrus. (I’m currently in my BroShep run right now and I plan on romancing the shit out of Tali. If I can stand it, I will go back and do one with Jack as well.)

ME3 -Ummm, okay okay, let me think. Obviously Kaidan romance. I have done ONE playthrough where I continued on with Garrus. It’s precious. Ummmm what are the major choices in this game? Literally the only one I can remember right now is Paragoning peace between the Geth and the Quarians. Oh! Duh, cure the genophage, OBVIOUSLY! (RIP Mordin.) As for the ending, DESTROY. (Or the MEHE mod.)


World of Warcraft


I play both factions, but the Horde has Blood Elves, damn it! And if I could defect all of my Alliance toons to the Horde, I 100% would. Right now, I don’t really “main” anything because I’m just leveling toons and exploring new content in Dragonflight. 

I play on Area 52 (primarily), Wyrmrest Accord, and Moon Guard. (Goldshire terrifies me btw.)

I started playing at the tail end of Legion, but I have played through each expansion.

I have the Feat of Strength “A Legendary Campaign” (completing all 12 Legion Class Halls) and I have all 12 class mounts. I also have “Herald of the Titans.”

Class Ranks:
Demon Hunter
Death Knight
(*Envoker is still too new for me to place a ranking*)

Race Ranks:
Blood Elf
Void Elf
Night Elf
Lightforged Draenei
Zandalari Trolls
Mag’har Orcs
Kul Tirans
Dark Iron Dwarves
Highmountain Tauren

Expansion Rankings:
Vanilla WoW
The Burning Crusade
Wrath of the Lich King
Mists of Pandaria
Battle for Azeroth
Warlords of Draenor
(*Dragonflight is still too new for me to place a ranking*)


I’m new to the Baldur’s Gate franchise. My best friend basically forced me to play this game. I have played no other games in this series except 3.

With that said, I basically hate everyone in this game except Karlach and Wyll. Astarion grew on me. He’s fine. I like him. I don’t particularly like turn based combat either. It’s not my style and it’s been frustrating for me. I don’t know if I will play this game again after I finish the first playthrough.


I’m a Star Wars nerd, as probably guessed by the fact that I said I’ve dabbled in playing SWTOR. While my experience with the game isn’t as broad as my experience with WoW is, I think my favorite class to play is Jedi Knight.

My favorite is Rogue One, and before that it was The Empire Strikes Back. Seriously, TESB was my favorite for so long, and then RO came in and ran it over like a bulldozer.

The prequels are good. The sequels are good. Don’t @ me.

Official Rankings:
Rogue One
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Attack of the Clones
The Force Awakens
Revenge of the Sith
The Rise of Skywalker
The Phantom Menace
A New Hope
The Last Jedi

My favorite character: Hera Syndulla.

My ships: Kanera, RebelCaptain and Damerey. (RIP Kanan.) (I’m still in denial that Jyn and Cassian died.) (And POE AND REY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ENDGAME, GOD DAMN IT!)

Don’t ask me to say nice things about Kylo Ren (even though one of my besties adores him.)

Republic/Rebels/Resistance > Sith/Empire/First Order.


I haven’t played enough ESO to have a real opinion on it, but I am really struggling with it because it’s much different than WoW and SWTOR.


Other fandoms/favorites:

Queen (as in the band). RIP Freddie Mercury. Protect Brian, Rog, and Deacy at all costs! I’ve seen them in concert! (Okay, I saw Queen + Adam Lambert in concert, so it still counts!) Favorite song: “I Want It All.” Favorite album: “The Miracle.” Also Bohemian Rhapsody was a FANTASTIC movie, so suck it. The cast was PERFECT from top to bottom.

Official Album Ranking:
The Miracle
A Night at the Opera
Sheer Heart Attack
Queen II
The Game
The Works
A Kind of Magic
News of the World
Hot Space
A Day at the Races
Made in Heaven

Top 20 Favorite Queen Songs:
I Want It All (from The Miracle)
Rain Must Fall (from The Miracle)
Breakthru (from The Miracle)
Mother Love (from Made in Heaven)
Dragon Attack (from The Game)
Tenement Funster (from Sheer Heart Attack)
Flick of the Wrist (from Sheer Heart Attack)
Great King Rat (from Queen)
Seven Seas of Rhye (from Queen II)
I’m in Love With My Car (from A Night at the Opera)
Bohemian Rhapsody (from A Night at the Opera)
Scandal (from The Miracle)
We Will Rock You (from News of the World)
A Kind of Magic (from A King of Magic)
One Vision (from A Kind of Magic)
Headlong (from Innuendo)
Killer Queen (from Sheer Heart Attack)
Another One Bites the Dust (from The Game)
Death on Two Legs (from A Night at the Opera)
You Take My Breath Away (from A Day at the Races)

(I know people count the Flash soundtrack as part of the Queen canon, but I do not.)


Game of Thrones. (House Targaryen, Justice for Daenerys.) I haven’t read all of the books, and probably won’t ever finish them. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON IS FUCKING BOSS!!! Team Daemyra. Rhaenys is the GOAT. Team Black until I die, but Almond can get it. (Aemond, but if you got the joke, then we can be friends.)


Bridgerton. All books read (main series). I’ve watched the entirety of seasons 1&2.

Benophie is my #1. Philoise is my #2. Protect Sir Phillip Crane at ALL COSTS!

Couple Rankings (which would also be Book Rankings):
Benophie (AOFAG)
Philoise (TSPWL)
Kanthony (TVWLM)
Franchael (WHWW)
Hyareth (IIHK)
Grecy (OTWTTW)
Polin (RMB)
Saphne (TDAI)


The Witcher. Kind of a slut for Rience because he’s played by Chris Fulton. (Update, will probably only be a slut for Rience in s2 because they didn’t appreciate Chris Fulton enough to work with his schedule and RECAST HIM.) Geralt & Yen forever. Jaskier must be protected at all costs. I aspire to be Calanthe. RIP Roach. (I have not read the books, and I attempted to play the games once but lmao.)


The Great. Protect Grigor at all costs (mainly because he’s played by Gwilym Lee, and Gwil is a treasure.) RIP Leo. Nicholas Hoult is brilliant, but Peter really needs to die lmao. And I honestly can’t believe what they did with him and Catherine in season 2. Garbage.


The Boys. Only the show. And Queen Maeve is the only person who matters.


The Office. Stanley is my spirit animal.


The Outpost. Garron forever! RIP Gwynn, Tobin, Mistress, Wythers. Protect Janzo at ALL COSTS. ALL OF THEM.


If Ed Stoppard, David Dawson, or Jack Farthing are in something, I’m watching it. In my next life, I’m Ed Stoppard’s second wife. Don’t even get me started on how much I love this man. David and Jack too, they’re both a joy to watch on screen and talented AF! Kings, both of them.


I’m always re-watching Arrested Development (only seasons 1-3 and sometimes 4), Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, or Archer at any given moment. Probably adding Bluey to that list soon, once I know the episodes well enough that I can just tune out while they play.


I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for over a decade now. I was officially diagnosed in 2013. You may see me go through manic phases every now and again if you follow me on Twitter or TikTok. My anxiety is high functioning, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. All I can say is that it gets better, so if you’re suffering from it too, you’re not alone.



I am very political, and I know some people won’t like that. So don’t follow me on Twitter if you don’t wanna see it. I’m a leftist, so I’m very critical of both major American political parties. I vote blue, but I’m gonna complain about it the whole time. (IYKYK)