About Samantha Renee

August 7th, 1992 | Leo (Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Ascendant) | Chaotic Evil | INTJ-T


My name is Samantha, but most people call me Sam. I’ll respond to both.

I’m a Michigan born and raised millennial who now lives in Texas. I’ve also lived in Tennessee. I hope one day to leave Texas, but that is likely many years down the road.

When I’m not writing, you’ll probably find me playing World of Warcraft, Mass Effect, or Dragon Age. I’m also super into Disney Dreamlight Valley. (Yeah I’m one of those.)

My series, Council of Myths, has official debuted. Book 1 is entitled, Council of Myths: Origins. You may check out the Linktree for the series to find all of the social media accounts for it!