Council of Myths – Art Gallery

The Continent of Myths

Made by Samantha on Inkarnate.

The original Origins cover

By Kat Marie.

The AI Generated Art

These are pieces that were created by Basil, the AI Image Generator on Artist images will be in the section below.

The images aren’t one hundred percent perfect, as Basil is still a new tool in the Notebook services, and quality varies. I have pulled what I consider to be the best depictions of each character I’ve tried it with. Artists whom I will commission will do them justice far better.

Emilya, Queen of Normandy
Contessina, Dowager Queen of Normandy; Matron of the Valkyrie
Lucilla, Lady of Kommodor (Normandy)
Vivienne, Queen Consort of Romynia
Gisela, Crown Princess of Gardenia
Cederec, King of Vosh’ala
Vincent, Lord Commander of Normandy
Callum, Patient Zero
Aleksander, King of Romynia; The Original Werewolf
Deklan, Valet to King Aleksander of Romynia
Bastian, “The Bastard Prince” of Pearala
Nairi, Queen Consort of Vosh’ala

The Commissioned Artwork

These are the pieces that I commissioned by real artists!

If there is a mood board in the space, the commission has not been started/completed.

Emilya, by {Artist TBA}
Contessina, by {Artist TBA}
Lucilla, by {Artist TBA}
Vivienne, by Hanna Chandler
Gisela, by Rin
Cederec, by {Artist TBA}
Vincent, by {Artist TBA}
Callum, by {Artist TBA}
Aleksander, by {Artist TBA}
Deklan, by Charley Hyde
Bastian, by {Artist TBA}
Nairi, by Tulip