Gardenia Character Index

For relationship info, see the Gardenia Family Trees

Shalan II King of Gardenia   Satyr
Thyra Queen Consort of Gardenia; The Warrior Queen   Nymph
Erik Crown Prince of Gardenia   Satyr
Gisela Crown Princess of Gardenia   Nymph
Hendrick Prince Royal of Gardenia   Satyr
Heidi Lady of Gardenia; Paramour of The King   Nymph
Analiese Grand Duchess of Gardenia   Nymph
Salina Grand Countess of Gardenia   Nymph
Gerard Triffton Lord of Gardenia; Governor of Metropolis, Capital of The Continent   Satyr
Lucy Triffton Lady of Gardenia; First Lady of Metropolis   Nymph
Elyanore Triffton Lady of Gardenia; First Daughter of Metropolis   Nymph
Zehgar Lord of Howlan; Ambassador to Normandy   Satyr
Tomar Governor of Howlan   Satyr
Rizette First Lady of Howlan   Nymph
Theo Lord of Howlan; Knight Commander of The Kingsguard   Satyr
Trixtyn Lady of Howlan   Satyress
Eadmond Lord of Aerbrook   Satyr
Aureline Lady of Aerbrook   Nymph
Yva; mentioned in Origins Lady of Gardenia   Nymph
Evelle Lady of Gardenia   Nymph
Bodhan Lord of Gardenia; Knight of The Kingsguard   Nymph