Normandy Character Index

For relationship info, see the Normandy Family Trees

Emilya I Queen of Normandy prev. Emilya Renee Price Vampire; inheritor (pre-transition)
Elijah I; deceased King of Normandy prev. The Prophet Elijah Vampire; inheritor
Contessina Dowager Queen of Normandy prev. Queen Consort of Normandy; Lady Contessina de Rossi Valkyrie
Rylar; deceased Prince Regent of Normandy   Vampire; inheritor
Mary; stillborn Princess Royal of Normandy   Valkyrie

Duchy of Normandy

Dominic Grand Duke of Normandy prev. Dominicus Aurelius Valerius Germanicus Vampire; turned
Cecilia Grand Duchess of Normandy prev. Fabia Caecilia Aurelia Valkyrie
Vincent Lord Commander of Normandy prev. Vincentius Dominicus Valerius Germanicus Vampire; inheritor


March of Tenia

Aidan 4th Marquess of Tenia prev. 3rd Earl of Christerly Vampire; turned
Cornelia Marchioness of Tenia prev. Countess of Christerly; Cornelia, daughter of Sanja Valkyrie


March of Ceria

Kanan 2nd Marquess of Ceria; Ambassador to Gardenia prev. Lord Kanan of Ceria Vampire; turned
Andrina Marchioness of Ceria prev. Lady Andrina of Brookersbank Vampire; purebred


Earldom of Brimm

Nikolas 1st Earl of Brimm   Vampire; turned
Maeverly Countess of Brimm   Vampire; purebred


Earldom of Kommodor

Quentin 1st Earl of Kommodor prev. Quintus Gaius Oceanus Vampire; turned
Marcia Countess of Kommodor prev. Portia Agrippina Marcia Valkyrie


Earldom of Christerly

Edward 4th Earl of Christerly prev. Lord Edward of Tenia Vampire; inheritor
Rhyla Countess of Christerly prev. Lady Rhyla of Normandy Valkyrie


Earldom of Tyrans

Lucian 1st Earl of Tyrans prev. Lord Lucian of Gracefield Vampire; inheritor
Taline Countess of Tyrans   Vampire; purebred


Earldom of Crossfield

Frederick 3rd Earl of Crossfield prev. 3rd Viscount Ashvan Vampire; inheritor
Gemma Countess of Crossfield   Valkyrie


Earldom of Hemonton

Simon 1st Earl of Hemonton prev. Simon of Normandy Vampire; turned
Katharine Countess of Hemonton prev. Lady Katharine of Brookersbank Vampire; purebred


Earldom of Mayford

Joseph I 2nd Earl of Mayford; Ambassador to Romynia prev. Lord Joseph of Mayford Vampire; turned
Koraline Countess of Mayford prev. Koraline of Normandy Valkyrie


Earldom of Armadam

Branden; does not appear in Origins 3rd Earl of Armadam   Vampire; turned
Sylene; deceased Countess of Armadam   Valkyrie


Viscounty of Ashvan

Adam 4th Viscount Ashvan   Vampire; inheritor


Viscounty of Vale

Alan 1st Viscount Vale   Vampire; turned
Marietta Viscountess Vale   Vampire; turned


Viscounty of Argonia

Rufus; appears only through a letter in Origins 1st Viscount Argonia   Vampire; turned
Martha; mentioned in Origins, no appearance Viscountess Argonia   Valkyrie


Viscounty of Folley

Richard 6th Viscount Folley prev. 6th Baron of Koronia Vampire; inheritor
Phoebe Viscountess Folley   Valkyrie
Ellen; deceased Viscountess Folley prev. Lady Ellen of Tenia Valkyrie


Viscounty of Colette

Roger 2nd Viscount Colette; Ambassador to Vosh’ala   Vampire; turned
Cecily; deceased Viscountess Colette   Vampire; inheritor


Viscounty of Tayloran

Wilhelm 1st Viscount Tayloran   Vampire; purebred


Barony of Gracefield

Christian 2nd Baron of Gracefield prev. Lord Christian of Gracefield Vampire; inheritor
Helena Baroness of Gracefield   Vampire; purebred


Barony of Leondrea

Dante 2nd Baron of Leondrea prev. Lord Dante of Vale Vampire; turned
Catherine; deceased Baroness of Leondrea; awarded posthumously prev. Lady Catherine of Tenia Valkyrie
Castor; deceased 1st Baron of Leondrea prev. Sir Castor of Normandy; Castor de Rossi Vampire; turned
Dexsia Dowager Baroness of Leondrea prev. Baroness of Leondrea; Dexsia of Gaul Valkyrie


Barony of Koronia

Alden 6th Baron of Koronia prev. Lord Alden of Koronia and Tenia Vampire; inheritor


Barony of Brookersbank

Henry 2nd Baron of Brookersbank prev. Lord Henry of Brookersbank Vampire; turned 
Mathilda Baroness of Brookersbank prev. Mathilda of Normandy Valkyrie


Barony of Daenerion

Maximus “Max” 1st Baron of Daenerion prev. Quintus Maximus Gaius Vampire; inheritor
Padme; deceased Baroness of Danerion prev. Lady Padme of Gracefield Vampire; purebred


Barony of Soaren

Cassander 1st Baron of Soaren prev. Lord Cassander of Brimm Vampire; purebred


Chevalier/Chevalière of Normandy

Andromeda 2nd Chevalière of Normandy prev. Lady Andromeda of Normandy; Andromeda, daughter of Astra Valkyrie
Cervilia; deceased 1st Chevalière of Normandy prev. Cervilia, daughter of Astra Valkyrie


Baronets/Baronetesses of Normandy

Adriana Baronetess of Tenia prev. Lady Adriana of Tenia; Adriana, daughter of Sanja Valkyrie
Kieran Baronet of Crossfield prev. Kanan of Crossfield | alias. Kieran Harper Vampire; inheritor
Octavia Baronetess of Crossfield prev. Lady Octavia of Tenia; Octavia, daughter of Sanja | alias. Octavia Harper Valkyrie
Morrina Baronetess of Argonia prev. Lady Morrina of Argonia Valkyrie
Natalia Baronetess of Normandy prev. Lady Natalia of Normandy Valkyrie
Henriette Baronetess of Brookersbank prev. Lady Henriette of Brookersbank Valkyrie
Matthew Baronet of Brookersbank prev. Lord Matthew of Brookersbank Vampire; inheritor
Luka Baronet of Hemonton prev. Lord Luka of Hemonton Vampire; purebred
Louisa Holloway Baronetess of Leondrea prev. Lady Louisa of Vale and Tenia Valkyrie
Ursula Baronetess of Vale prev. Lady Ursula of Vale Vampire; turned
Ksenia Baronetess of Gracefield prev. Lady Ksenia of Gracefield Vampire; purebred
Varian Baronet of Gracefield prev. Lord Varian of Gracefield Vampire; purebred
Joseph II Baronet of Mayford prev. Lord Joseph II of Mayford Vampire; inheritor
Grace Margaret Baronetess of Crossfield prev. Lady Grace Margaret of Crossfield Valkyrie
Dossenia Baronetess of Normandy prev. Lady Dossenia of Normandy Valkyrie


Lords/Ladies of Normandy

Deianeira Lady of Normandy   Valkyrie
Lucilla Lady of Kommodor prev. Lucilla Octavia Marcia Annia Valkyrie
Ava Lady of Kommodor prev. Portia Livia Aviena Valkyrie
Andre Lord of Kommodor prev. Gaius Andronicus Livius Vampire; inheritor
Beatrice Lady of Tenia prev. Lady Beatrice of Christerly Valkyrie
Zara Lady of Tenia   Vampire; inheritor
Yvette Lady of Tenia   Vampire; inheritor
Greer; does not appear in Origins Lady of Tenia   Valkyrie
Jodhi Lady of Gracefield and Crossfield   Vampire; inheritor
Burnett Lord of Gracefield and Crossfield   Vampire; inheritor
Nathan Lord of Crossfield   Vampire; inheritor
George Lord of Crossfield; Ambassador to Pearala   Vampire; inheritor
Persephone Lady of Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Galatea Lady of Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Ramses Lord of Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Lianna; does not appear in Origins Lady of Gracefield and Vale   Vampire; purebred
Caius Lord of Vale   Vampire; turned
Tamala Lady of Vale and Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Anatonia Lady of Vale and Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Cane Lord of Vale and Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Reeyna Lady of Vale and Gracefield   Vampire; purebred
Kamille Lady of Tyrans   Vampire; purebred
Josefine Lady of Tyrans   Vampire; purebred
Lotta Lady of Brookersbank and Tyrans   Vampire; purebred
Lora Lady of Hemonton   Vampire; purebred
Tamsyn Lady of Brookersbank   Vampire; inheritor (pre-transition)
Louis Lord of Brookersbank   Vampire; inheritor (pre-transition)
Sara Lady of Folley   Valkyrie


Male Valkyrie

Callum Patient Zero   Male Valkyrie
Jasper Patient One   Male Valkyrie
James Patient Two   Male Valkyrie
Julian No identifier due to his existence being kept secret   Male Valkyrie
Thomas Patient Three Twenty-Two   Male Valkyrie
Xavier Patient Four Zero-Zero   Male Valkyrie
Roland Patient Fifty-Seven   Male Valkyrie
John Patient Five   Male Valkyrie



Felicity of Crossfield Special Agent of Normandy alias. Felicity Harper
Daisy of Vale Special Agent of Normandy alias. Daisy Matthews
Alfred Holloway Archbishop of Normandy  


Lucrezia Rivera Emilya’s biological mother   Human (possibly the last Banshee)
Lauren Price Emilya’s adopted mother   Human
Robert Price Emilya’s adopted father   Human
Hasan Deianeira’s mate   Human


  • Re: Lady Grace Margaret. It’s not clear in Origins, because she is referred to by two different names, first by Lucilla, then by Emilya. This may be confusing, but to clarify, “Margaret” is her preferred name. “Grace” is her official name.