Vosh’ala Character Index

For relationship info, see the Vosh’ala Family Trees

Cederec III King of Vosh’ala   Elf
Nairi Queen Consort of Vosh’ala prev. Nairi of Kaesic Faerie
Damion Prince Regent of Vosh’ala   Elf
Jasmine Prince Consort of Vosh’ala prev. Lady Jasmine of Ryllean Elf / ?? Hybrid (to be revealed)
Markus Prince of the Forest   Elf
Anahit Princess of the Forest   Faerie
Danea Princess Consort of the Forest; Revered Priestess of Garsenda prev. Lady Danea of Ry’kar Faerie
Mariam Lady of Korsin   Faerie

Baronies of Vosh’ala

Benjamin Baron Orin prev. Benjamin of Kaesic Faerie
Milena Lady of Kaesic prev. Milena of Kaesic Faerie
Amir Baron Ry’kar   Elf
Anshida Baroness Ry’kar; High Priestess of Garsenda   Faerie
Cordell Lady of Ry’kar; Priestess of Garsenda   Faerie


Provinces of Vosh’ala

Aerion Governor of Ryllean   Elf
Luna Lady of Ryllean   Elf
Ivan Lord of Ryllean; Ambassador to Normandy   Elf / ?? Hybrid (to be revealed)