Council of Myths: Character Facial References

It’s hard for me to write characters without having a face to put them to, and those faces are usually that of an actor or other famous person. Compiled here is the list of all of my characters and their respective facial references, so you may get a better idea of who I’m seeing while I’m writing.
Listed will be:
The character and their title, (see the Family Trees section for more info if you’re still confused about who they are), and the actor. Interact with their name to link to their IMDb profile.
*The actors are in no way affiliated with the book (even if I wish they were.)

POV Characters

Emilya, Queen of Normandy Daisy Ridley
Vincent, Lord Commander of Her Majesty’s Agents of The Crown Matthew Goode
Contessina, Dowager Queen of Normandy; Matriarch of the Valkyrie Claudia Black
Callum, Patient Zero; Baronet of Argonia Evan Williams
Lucilla, Lady of Kommodor Tamzin Merchant
Aleksander, King of Romynia; The Original Werewolf Ed Stoppard
Vivienne, Queen Consort of Romynia Rebecca Ferguson
Deklan, Valet to King Aleksander Sam Palladio
Gisela, Crown Princess of Gardenia Felicity Jones
Bastian, “The Bastard Prince” of Pearala Gwilym Lee
Cederec, King of Vosh’ala Harry Hadden-Paton
Nairi, Queen Consort of Vosh’ala Caitríona Balfe


Dominic, Grand Duke of Normandy Pip Torrens
Cecilia, Grand Duchess of Normandy Catherine Walker
Kamille, Lady of Tyrans Elisa Lasowski
Henriette, Baronetess of Brookersbank Peri Baumeister
Aidan, Marquess of Tenia Ian Kahn
Cornelia, Marchioness of Tenia A.J. Cook
Edward, Earl of Christerly James Northcote
Rhyla, Countess of Christerly Star Slade
Beatrice, Lady of Tenia Rachel Skarsten
Zara, Lady of Tenia Emily Berrington
Yvette, Lady of Tenia Celina Sinden
Greer, Lady of Tenia Eleanor Tomlinson
Adriana, Baronetess of Tenia Alix Wilton Regan
Natalia, Baronetess of Normandy Jessie Buckley
Kanan, Marquess of Ceria Sebastian de Souza
Andrina, Marchioness of Ceria Anya Chalotra
Nikolas, Earl of Brimm Steve Valentine
Maeverly, Countess of Brimm Abigail Spencer
Cassander, Baron of Soaren David Corenswet
Lucian, Earl of Tyrans Oliver Hudson
Taline, Countess of Tyrans Ginnifer Goodwin
Wilhelm, Viscount Tayloran Tom Bateman
Josefine, Lady of Tyrans Saoirse Ronan
Quentin, Earl of Kommodor Kyle Soller
Marcia, Countess of Kommodor Phoebe Fox
Maximus, Baron of Daenerion Nick Westrate
Ava, Lady of Kommodor Cara Delevigne
Andre, Lord of Kommodor Jonathan Bailey
Frederick, Earl of Crossfield Stuart Martin
Gemma, Countess of Crossfield Amanda Hale
Grace Margaret, Baronetess of Crossfield Georgie Henley
Adam, Viscount Ashvan Colin O’Donoghue
Nathan, Lord of Crossfield Aidan Turner
George, Lord of Crossfield Luke Thompson
Simon, Earl of Hemonton Sacha Dhawan
Katharine, Countess of Hemonton Claudia Doumit
Luka, Baronet of Hemonton Mena Massoud
Lora, Lady of Hemonton Izuka Hoyle
Joseph I, Earl of Mayford Alden Ehrenreich
Koraline, Countess of Mayford Emily Cox
Joseph II, Baronet of Mayford Nick Robinson
Richard, Viscount Folley Alexander Ludwig
Phoebe, Viscountess Folley Karen Fukuhara
Alden, Baron of Koronia Timothy Innes
Roger, Viscount Colette Wallace Langham
Charlotte, Baronetess of Colette Rose Leslie
Rufus, Viscount Argonia Iain Glen
Martha, Viscountess Argonia Janet McTeer
Morrina, Baronetess of Argonia Miranda Raison
Alan, Viscount Vale Reggie Lee
Marietta, Viscountess Vale Lana Parrilla
Dante, Baron of Leondrea Tom Cullen
Louisa Holloway, Baronetess of Leondrea Laia Costa
Alfred Holloway, Archbishop of Normandy Daniel Gillies
Ursula, Baronetess of Vale Nina Kiri
Caius, Lord of Vale Darren Criss
Tamala, Lady of Vale and Gracefield Sai Bennett
Christian, Baron of Gracefield Benjamin Ayres
Helena, Baroness of Gracefield Morena Baccarin
Ksenia, Baronetess of Gracefield Shelley Hennig
Varian, Lord of Gracefield Richard Madden
Jodhi, Lady of Gracefield and Crossfield Millie Brady
Burnett, Lord of Gracefield and Crossfield Ruairi O’Connor
Persephone, Lady of Gracefield Margaret Clunie
Galatea, Lady of Gracefield Lea Michele
Ramses, Lord of Gracefield Arnas Fedaravicius
Henry, Baron of Brookersbank Ioan Gruffudd
Mathilda, Baroness of Brookersbank Jodhi May
Matthew, Baronet of Brookersbank Josh Keaton
Lotta, Lady of Brookersbank and Tyrans Anna Popplewell
Tamsyn, Lady of Brookersbank Ruby Hartley
Dossenia, Dowager Baroness of Leondrea Ebonée Noel
Dexsia, Baronetess of Normandy Simona Brown
Kieran, Baronet of Crossfield Chris Geere
Octavia, Baronetess of Crossfield Allison Miller
Andromeda, Chevalière of Normandy / Cervilia, Chevalière of Normandy Vanessa Marshall
Jasper, Patient One; Baronet of Normandy Luke Norris
James, Patient Two, Baronet of Normandy Jack Farthing
Julian, Baronet of Normandy James Norton
Thomas Luke Newton
John Ben Black
Xavier Reece Ritchie
Roland Ido Drent
Daisy, Special Agent of Normandy Gia Mantegna
Felicity, Special Agent of Normandy Billie Lourd
Deianeira, The False Princess Jessica Parker Kennedy
Hasan Oscar Isaac


Hadrianne, Princess Royal of Romynia Adelaide Kane
Connell, Prince Superior of Romynia François Arnaud
Veronika, Lady of Romynia  Lotte Verbeek
Colin, Duke of Romynia  Henry Cavill
Elysabette, Duchess of Romynia  Kiersey Clemmons
Emmitt, Duke of Romynia  Riz Ahmed
Hera, Duchess of Romynia  Candice Patton
Lachlan, Earl of Romynia  David Giuntoli
Amara, Countess of Romynia / Mary, The Prophet’s Wife Stephanie Szostak
Farrah, Lady of Romynia  Tammin Sursok


Shalan, King of Gardenia David Dawson
Thyra, Queen Consort of Gardenia  Elizabeth Tulloch
Erik, Crown Prince of Gardenia Aneurin Barnard
Hendrick, Prince Royal of Gardenia  Wade Briggs
Aureline, Lady of Aerbrook Ruta Gedmintas
Heidi, Lady of Gardenia  Vanessa Ferlito
Analiese, Grand Duchess of Gardenia  Vanessa Hudgens
Salina, Grand Countess of Gardenia  Nina Dobrev
Evelle, Lady of Gardenia  Stephanie Levi-John
Bodhan, Lord of Gardenia; Knight of the Kingsguard  Ben Lamb
Theo, Lord Howlan; Knight Commander of the Kingsguard  Aaron Cobham
Zehgar, Lord of Howlan  Diego Luna
Trixtyn, Lady of Howlan Laura Harrier
Tomar, Governor of Howlan Pedro Pascal
Rizette, First Lady of Howlan Nanna Blondell
Gerard Triffton, Governor of Metropolis; Lord of Gardenia James Frain
Lucy Triffton, First Lady of Metropolis  Laura Donnelly
Elyanore Triffton, First Daughter of Metropolis  Claudia Jessie


Maric, King of Pearala Dominic West
Athénaïs, Queen Consort of Pearala  Laura Vandervoort
Abrellia, Princess of Sirens  Emilia Clarke
Lanaya, Princess of Merfolk  Sophie Skelton
Corbin, Prince Regent of Pearala  Peter Mooney
Olivia, Lady of Pearala  Claire Forlani
Jaela, Lady of Pearala  Dominique McElligott
Josken, Lord of Pearala  Alexander Vlahos
Johenna, Lady of Pearala  Hannah New
Galen, Baron of Pearala  Burn Gorman
Betrys, Baroness of Pearala  Sophia Myles
Marsellus, Knight Captain of the Kingsguard  Jamie Bell
Braxelos of Silk Rapids, Lieutenant of the Pearalan Navy  Richard Rankin
Nyshaia of Silk Rapids  Imogen Waterhouse
Naura of Silk Rapids  Suki Waterhouse
Leith of Silk Rapids  Aaron Fontaine
Corella of Silk Rapids Eve Best
Thalassa, Goddess of Pearala Lady Gaga
Reif  Joey Batey
Triss Nicola Posener
Kash Anand Desai-Barochia
Coral  Jamie Chung
Bentley  Theo James
Nila  Chloe Bridges


Markus, Prince of the Forest  Yusuf Gatewood
Anahit, Princess of the Forest  Lashana Lynch
Damion, Prince Regent of Vosh’ala  Torrance Coombs
Jasmine, Princess Consort of Vosh’ala  Vanessa Kirby
Danea, Princess Consort of the Forest; Revered Priestess of Garsenda  Natalie Dormer
Mariam, Lady of Korsin  Danai Gurira
Milena, Lady of Kaesic  Liz Vassey
Amir, Baron Ry’kar  Matt Smith
Anshida, Baroness Ry’kar; High Priestess of Garsenda  Claire Foy
Cordell, Lady of Ry’kar; Priestess of Garsenda  Jodie Comer
Ivan, Lord of Ryllean  David Oakes
Benjamin, Baron Orin  Josh O’Connor
Luna, Lady of Ryllean Rose McIver
Aerion, Governor of Ryllean  Tobias Santelmann
Garsenda, Goddess of The Continent Jessica Green

The Deceased

Elijah, King of Normandy; The Original Vampire; The Prophet Alexis Denisof
Lucrezia Rivera Ruth Wilson
Rylar, Prince Regent of Normandy Max Irons
Ellen, Viscountess Folley MyAnna Buring
Catherine, Lady of Tenia Lily James
Antony of West Frankia Sterling K. Brown
Castor, 1st Baron of Leondrea Alexander Dreymon


Lauren Price Erica Durance
Robert Price Joseph Fiennes