Species of The Continent


A humanoid with fanged canine teeth and consumes blood to survive. Native to Normandy. They are able to transform at will, sheathing their fangs when not in their vampiric state. Their skin also appears pale when transformed.


An inheritor/inherited vampire is vampire born of a vampire and another “accepted” species (human/valkyrie). (Accepted, meaning that the magic doesn’t clash and create a hybrid of the two. Trust me, we’ll get into this in later books.) They possess red eyes only when transformed into the vampiric state.


A purebred vampire is a vampire born of two vampires. They always possess red eyes regardless of their current state, but only after their transition. Pre-transition, their eyes allow them to pass for human or a inheritor vampire.


A turned vampire is a vampire who was born a human (or possibly another race) and was turned into a vampire by a bite mark. Turned vampires pass for inheritors, the only indicator separating them being the bite mark that turned them.


Both inherited and purebred vampires experience the “transition,” which occurs far after maturity, and would typically be triggered during menopause or andropause. Premature transition can also occur, and is often fatal as the body is not prepared to handle what is happening.

A similar “transition” occurs with a turned vampire, however it takes far longer and can often be fatal, especially when the vampire that turned them doesn’t know what they’re doing.



A being that is half-man or half-woman above the waist, and half-horse below it. One of the first to inhabit The Continent. Native to Gardenia.



A being spirit bound to the forest. They possess magic that is only accessible during the changes of the seasons. One of the first to inhabit The Continent. Native to Gardenia.


A humanoid whose legs, upon coming in contact with water, are replaced by a fish tail and have the ability to breathe underwater. Native to Pearala.



A humanoid bound to the sea with fanged teeth and a powerful ability to seduce another being. Without these features/abilities, they would appear like any other merman/maid. It is unclear where and how sirens were created. Native to Pearala.


A humanoid woman with large bird wings, once considered to be handmaidens of the Norse Gods Odin and Freyja and saviors of soldiers. Swore allegiance to the vampires. Those who were alive during the pre-Normandy days age far slower than their younger successors. They transform at will, able to sheath their wings and pass for human. Native to Normandy.

Male Valkyrie

A male humanoid with large bird wings. They are considered abominations, as male valkyrie did not exist in Valhalla or Fólkvangr, and are a product of The Continent. They are also able to transform at will, like their female counterparts. Native to Normandy.



A humanoid shapeshifter who retains some human form/stance while taking on the appearance of a wolf. They can be turned from human into a werewolf via a poisonous bite, or they can be born between two werewolves, or a werewolf and a shapeshifter. Native to Romynia.



A humanoid that is able to transform into an animal and retains no human form. Native to Romynia.

Known shifter forms in Romynia are: Fox, deer, mountain lions, bear, moose, tigers, jaguars/leopards, eagles, owls, and coyotes.


A humanoid with pointy ears, and historically used to be shorter than an average human. Native to Vosh’ala.

Elves are typically hunters, fishers, and craftspeople. They live in small villages in huts with their faerie counterparts.



A humanoid creature that is gifted with magic. They have wings, allowing them to fly. Their wings are able to be hid easily, even without clothing. Native to Vosh’ala.

Faeries are typically scientists and medical professionals, or “healers.” They have done more to progress The Continent than any other race.



A female humanoid inhabited by a spirit whose wailing warns of an impending event. Not native to any one country of, or even limited to, The Continent. The spirit of the Banshee is passed on to the nearest living female relative via a strict matrilineal line once the current Banshee passes away.