Character Playlists

Council of Myths: Origins

These playlists were a labor of love, no matter how easy or difficult. While they are mainly for my enjoyment, I saw no sense in hiding them from the general public. The book is for your enjoyment, and the playlists should be too.

Not every song is going to fit 100% perfectly with a character. I think this is almost impossible in many situations. However, something in the song had to have struck a nerve with me–in a good way–in order to make it onto a character’s list. Something in the lyrics put it on there, no matter how much of the song it takes up.

Despite the fact that this series begins in 2010/2015, I did not restrict myself to songs that had not been released at that point. There are plenty of songs on every list that are post-2010 releases, and the important thing is that they’re not mentioned in-universe.

(If a song is mentioned by name in the book, and especially if the time frame was close, I made damn sure to check on whether or not it was actually in the mainstream at that point.)

The playlists do not have that limitation, however I have only included the fifteen most important songs pertaining to the character where Origins is concerned. But because of this, these lists will, now and forever, remain UNFINISHED. I reserve the right to add new songs that I find, no matter their release date.

Eventually, I will release the links for the full playlists to Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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